Letter: Update from Uganda

I have officially been on the ground in Uganda for one month now, and the progress that already has been made is huge. So far we have been able to start our after-school programs, which consist of art, music, storytelling and sports. On average we have about 28 kids from the village join us each evening. We also have started a support group for women who are living with HIV. As you can tell, the progress made in this short period of time is truly incredible! Without the support of the Aspen community, none of this would have been possible. So upon reaching the one-month marker, I wanted to first take time to thank my community for all of the love and support. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event at The Red Onion in June, thank you to everyone who has financially supported me, and thank you to everyone for the endless prayers. I am so humbled by our community.

Sarah Elizabeth Nininger

Snowmass Village