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Letter: Unnecessary article

It would be an understatement to say that Rick Carroll’s article concerning Will Graham (“Graham had legal issues before Punchbowl episode,” The Aspen Times, June 9) was tasteless, ill-formed, irresponsible and unnecessary. I have known Will and his family for more than 20 years. Will was a compassionate, loyal, thoughtful young man who had his struggles and demons (who among us doesn’t?), and also happened to be someone who was constantly trying to come to terms with the pieces of his puzzle. When we as a tight-knit community lose one of our kids — no matter the circumstances — it is a cruel and horrific loss, and to have allowed such a shoddy, cursory, mean-spirited article to be published is truly unconscionable.

When we lose one of our children, it should not be seen as simply that individual who may have slipped, faltered or fallen, it should be seen as the entire community — all of us — who have slipped, faltered and fallen. A loss of one of our children implies that we have failed him or her, which is not to say that each of us isn’t responsible for her/his actions but is to say that we are only as good as each and every one of our kids, and when one is going through hell, then it is up to us to reach out, listen, be patient, try to be there and offer whatever we individually have to offer.

Having raised four children in Aspen, I am offended that the paper permitted Carroll’s one-sided, negative portrayal of a fine, fine young man to have been printed. An apology should be offered — but quite honestly, the damage has been done and cannot be properly undone.

It was simply shameful.

My heart aches for Geraldine, Billy, Wes and our entire community.

Brooke Newman