Letter: Unhappy with accident victim

I can’t believe you gave this clueless Denver back-road basher a full page for his reckless operation of a vehicle (“Man rolls truck down mountain, walks away,” The Aspen Times, June 29). He seems to be typical of the SUVers from the Front Range, who buy a fancy four-wheel drive, stuff in a bunch of add-on “speed equipment” and think they can attain any obstacle in their path. Guess what, Mr. Skully — besides raising my insurance rates with your stupidity, you put your gas and oil on the rocks with your rollover. And your dumb advice to turn around if you need four-wheel drive low shows that you are a complete novice. I have been using four low on my four-wheel-drive Jeeps for 50 years and never rolled one. And your big 31-inch tires are great in sand, but in snow, you’d better hang the jewelry on all four wheels before you attempt to go where you were. Next time, buy a Subaru. They are made for city dwellers.

Jim Wingers