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Letter: Unfriendly pet rules

Living in Aspen before, I was always wondering where all these dogs are living. Most associations don’t allow dogs in Aspen and also Basalt.

When one looks in ads about rentals, the majority don’t want dogs, and they will choose petless tenants. In my opinion, rules in the entire country are pet-unfriendly and contribute to killing in shelters.

Many people in cities can’t find a place to live with a dog and just dump healthy animals into shelters, which are overcrowded, and animals don’t stand a chance to be adopted.

We are lucky here having no-kill shelters (unlike big cities), but even here, there is a huge need for adoption because lots of dogs are living there for a long time and longing for a home.

In my opinion, the situation of unwanted animals and killing and overbreeding dogs for money is very sad. So are unfriendly pet rules.

Monika Oginski