Letter: Unfounded accusations

I would like to clarify some points made in the Feb. 2 Aspen Times article and letter to the editor about physical-therapy services at Aspen Valley Hospital (“Aspen Valley Hospital’s new orthopedic service squeezes out physical therapists”).

Most important to note is that private-practice physical therapists cannot treat Aspen Valley Hospital patients within our facility because they are not employed by the hospital, nor do they have privileges to practice at the hospital. Our patients entrust us with their care, and we have a responsibility to properly vet anyone who treats them. Not to do so places the hospital and our patients at risk. That a therapist in private practice has his or her own malpractice insurance is irrelevant.

Also, I would like to emphasize that our newly employed orthopedic doctors have no restrictions regarding physical-therapy referrals. Likewise, our patients are not restricted — they can, and are encouraged to, go to the physical therapist of their choice.

Finally, decisions made about patient care are always made in the best interests of the patient. The accusations made against Aspen Valley Hospital are untrue and unfounded. I am happy to further discuss with anyone who would like more information.

Terry Collins

Interim CEO, Aspen Valley Hospital