Letter: Unfair to businesses, taxpayers

According to what I’ve read and heard, the heads of two departments of the city, the Parking Department and the Department of Transportation, got their heads together and decided there should be some kind of service for the people in the core area of Aspen without consulting any one of the many, many local people who are currently in the transportation business. They should have called it “free rides for the rich and famous.” It was adopted by the Aspen Council on a 5-0 vote. I cannot imagine the thought process and the reasoning that went into this decision.

The service itself closely resembles the service that I offer to all of the people in town. The name of my company is “Free Rides For People That Need Them.” I would like to put emphasis on the words “free” and “need.”

The 90-day test of this Florida company cost the Aspen taxpayers about $100,000. Based on that, the contract from the year will probably cost the local taxpayers about $500,000 for free rides for the richest of the rich.

I love the wealthy people I know. But I need their money, and they don’t need mine. Love to all.

Philip Sullivan

Woody Creek