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Letter: Underwhelmed by Aspen’s entrance

Underwhelmed by Aspen’s entrance

While this will appear to some as a broken record in that I addressed this subject last summer, I am disgusted in the appearance of the entrance to Aspen. The entrance to Basalt, Gypsum and Vail are very well done, with flowers and evergreen plantings.

But the roundabout at the entrance to our wonderful town is overgrown with weeds and a very few perennials. There are some aspen trees that are attractively lit in the winter, but the summer “display” is trashy. Plus, the median between the airport and the roundabout is never mowed, suggesting one is approaching a “shabby town” which, of course, could not be further from the truth and reality.

Kudos to whomever tends to the flowers where 7th Street turns left onto Highway 82. Put them in charge of the roundabout and we would likely have a beautiful entrance.

Given an annual budget in the vicinity of $100 million, surely money could be found somewhere to fund this effort.

David Grimes