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Letter: Underground parking is a real Aspen idea


Underground parking is a real Aspen idea

Dear Editor:

Here is former Aspen Mayor Michael “Mick” Ireland’s Aug. 1 posting on The Aspen Times’ website about my published letter on a Wagner Park underground parking garage building initiative spearheaded by Susan O’Neal:

“Another really bad idea resurfaces. We already have a parking garage that has cost us at least $18 million in subsidy. The revenues never covered the bond costs. Now a major upgrade is required as the facility ages. Should we now compete with ourselves to lose even more money and destroy our finest downtown open space. Let’s not.”

He forgets that significant construction projects in the city’s history had “poor” through them, with the list including poor planning and logistics, poor construction, poor building materials, poor maintenance or lack of maintenance, poor financial and economic forecasting and poor management.

He thinks that City Hall would compete with itself with an additional underground garage. He forgets that government doesn’t compete against itself, for it serves the people’s needs.

His scare tactic that it would “destroy our finest downtown open space” is fallacious and shows an attempt to spread an infectious mental and emotional breakdown upon public opinion. Mental illness should be rejected by those with sound minds and good self-images.

With my above three rebuttal paragraphs to Mick, “Mr. Aspen,” let me add my healthy, creative bond-financing proposal to put on the table for serious public discussion to get the money lords’ attention in the interest of the common man and the common woman who want to become more financially independent in the Aspen Socialist Dominion, which has more housing projects per capita than anywhere else in America:

1. A Wagner Park underground parking garage bond prospectus for issuing and selling $80 million in bonds includes funds for construction expenditures, monthly maintenance and an emergency allocation and/or an early, accelerated bond-payback reserve of $25 million.

2. Two classes of municipal bonds would be issued and sold simultaneously: The first is $78 million in Class A bonds with $5,000-denomination issues for institutional investors and savvy individual investors. The second is $2 million in Class B bonds with $100- and $500-denomination issues and a bond-maturity date five years earlier than Class A bonds to promote people’s capitalism and wealth-building for the less fortunate in Aspen, Pitkin County and America; think of U.S. government savings bonds and the old U.S. Post Office Department’s $5 bonds in the 1930s.

3. No corruption, no cronyism and no nepotism.

4. No shoddy construction work or inferior building materials. Upon discovery of such violation(s), the general-contract builder and all subcontractors would be severely fined and criminally prosecuted. No Centennial shenanigans.

5. Severe financial penalties for any cost overruns and delays.

6. Systemic U.S. government e-verification usage.

In conclusion, to Ireland and his “no” crowd of misguided souls who deliberately keep many from attaining their deserved personal fabulous fortunes and their longed-for less stressful mental and emotional inner security, let remind you of two foolishly refused gifts.

First, in the 1970s, Bill Koch would have spent his own megabucks to build the dreamt-of Wagner Park subterranean parking garage with, of course, the grassy park field on top. Only an idiot would think otherwise about the field.

Second, in the first years of our 21st century, Michael Eisner, when he was top dog at Walt Disney, offered, free of charge, to beautify the Aspen roundabout through Disney’s famous, world-class design methods and savvy, public-appealing know-how. Only an idiot would think the tacky roundabout is a pleasant, beautiful welcome into the city.

I would encourage decent Aspen Americans to step up to the plate to assure that your pursuit of happiness and your piece of the big-money pie that’s always waved in your faces by tales from City Hall and the real estate moguls become truly yours. Your dream deferred is a Wagner Park underground parking garage that is a “real” historical preserved Aspen idea that was definitely long ago created before most of you ever heard of or thought about Aspen. Isn’t that right, Mr. Ireland?

Accept this real Aspen idea that was born before the Mick “no” crowd set foot in Aspen. Make it your reality. Do it now.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen