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Letter: Underground garage will liberate your financially

Now that “Aspen’s Rubey Park remodel down to three designs” (Aspen Times, Sept. 6) highlighted fresh concepts for the Rubey Park Transit Center in Aspen, we can merge it with a design or two for subterranean garage for Wagner Park regarding entrance and exit.

One can get a sweet pregnant idea from Denver’s 16th Street Mall just past the Office Depot. Prohibiting transit buses going underground to pick up passengers, only cars and SUVs going beneath Wagner Park can park. Of course, a traffic-light system like the one operating on the Denver 16th Street Mall must be installed.

Building both projects at the same would create good paying jobs to give folks to get back on their feet by temporarily making some good money, as well as letting municipal bondholders diversify their securities portfolios.

Remember, I promote people capitalism through a Wagner Park Underground Parking Garage bond issue. This would be a debenture issuance to help the common man and common woman to begin to build their wealth and improve their money investing savvy.

Think financial independence. Master money. Make your money work for you and your tomorrow. Unshackle yourselves from MickSocialism for the money, the freedom and the dignity to live on Red Mountain and fly at will in those private and corporate jets everybody in Aspen brags about.

This even goes for you Republicans enslaved by MickSocialism and the fear of the struggle for building your personal fabulous fortunes.

Think about an elected Republican businessman who lives in the Aspen housing projects with an estimated $130,000 or more in annual income. Where is his get up and go? Where is his shame? Where is his leadership example? He is Republicanism MickSocialism.

Become financially independent. A Wagner Park Underground Parking Garage bond is your start.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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