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Letter: U.S. waking up to Israel

U.S. waking up to Israel

Judeocentrism reigns at the The Aspen Times. From the column space granted to the handicapped rabbi who is only equipped to discuss Jewish oppression, the anti-Muslim rhetoric of Melanie Sturm’s columns and the ravings of Jewish fanatics who venomously address any criticism of the misguided Israeli state and Jewish misbehavior. The Feb. 12 edition manages to include both another ignorant, caustic attack on Sue Gray’s perceptive critique of Jewish jingoism and Israel’s oppression of Palestinians as well as another distorted, disingenuous narrative in a series of anti-Muslim opinion pieces by Sturm. This ubiquitous Judeocentric hegemony of misinformation is both destructive and getting old.

Predictably, Sturm has cluttered column space with yet another uncritical anti-Muslim, fanatical Zionist propagandist piece that vilifies Iran in a naked attempt to prime the public into an unwarranted sympathy with the terrorist state of Israel and gain public approval for another Middle East war with Iran. As anyone familiar with Iranian politics knows, Iran’s primary discontent with the U.S. stems from our support of the terrorist actions of Israel, a fact that Sturm conveniently omits. It would appear Sturm is rolling out the welcome mate for Benjamin Netanyahu, who will soon slither into the halls of Congress to promote U.S support for military action against Iran — an underhanded, conniving, potentially lethal act that many U.S. and Israeli citizens oppose. Only the lowest-denominator U.S. politicians such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, brainwashed fundamentalist Christians such as Mike Huckabee and extremist Jews like Sturm will welcome the blood-tainted, saber-rattling opportunitistic prime minister of Israel.

One senses the American public is waking up to Israel’s antics, Jewish race cards that always retreat to Jewish victimization and manipulation and troublemaking of radicalized Jews who would have the U.S. sacrifice its

citizens to defend an Israeli state that has made its own bed and is conspicuously absent as a coalition partner willing to sacrifice its own citizens.

So, “Think Again,” Sturm, and this time, do some actual thinking.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs