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Letter: U.S. power outage

History doesn’t actually repeat itself because time is not rectilinear. It’s circular. We always return to where we drew a line into the nonexistent future (to escape time). Case in point is that (despite our delusions of outpacing history) the U.S. has returned to the regional power it was before World War I. Clipped of wings by the hubris and ignorant belief in the supremacy of weapons systems over human ingenuity, and six decades of war, and the fuller history of manipulating conflicts toward the “national interest” (rapist and pillager) all warrior nations deign to become. The materially richest and most morally bankrupt nation the world has ever seen.

It’s delightful to see how fully our own situation is described in the chronicles of our blame, and yet it saddens the sentient to the core to witness that no one ever learns from this self-generated wisdom. Obama calls Russia a regional power and so is left with posturing along a hardline that blinds us to this fact about ourselves.

Will we really arm the Ukrainians to save face when we haven’t yet beaten China in Korea and got our arses handed to us in Vietnam? Do we remember the killing field that fills such vacuums, when the bully is knocked from his pulpit? Or will we remain willfully ignorant, watching the same thing happening (in country after country) as the old order implodes grasping for these phantoms of self-delusions? Will the addict of Manifest Destiny accept the terms of intervention and actually seek to channel the given disillusion (of delusional ties) toward the more workable grassroots solutions that can arise when one understands time is never linear?

The posturing for 24-hour pollsters is no solution, although it does give incompetent men and women position to pretend to exercise power. Pointing fingers of self-describing blame, while the world evolves without their input — as this new day dawns beneath the return to where we lost direction.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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