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Letter: Two mothers

Wow! What a woman — the mother who pried her child from the jaws of the monster (“Mountain lion attacks boy in Woody Creek,” The Aspen Times, June 18). What an amazing and gripping story. What a triumph. She deserves a long vacation in a lovely place! And I hope fervently that family heals from this traumatic event. I find myself thinking, too, of another mother, the lion mother of the one (or two?) juvenile lions that made that deadly error in judgment, attacking a human child, no doubt because they were out and on their own, motherless and untutored.

Young lions stay with their mothers for a long time, learning to hunt, learning what prey is good, learning where to go and what to avoid. A well-educated lion learns to eat deer, perhaps bighorns, and to stay out of sight of humans. My guess is that the mother to these lions in question was absent, dead. Who knows how? Hit by a car, felled by an infection? This lion, or lions, had no education. Maybe it was starving and out to pounce on anything that moves.

Mothers spring to the defense of their children. It is a beautiful part of being a mammal. I honor this story of two mothers.

Jane McGarry


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