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Letter: Twisted out of context

Twisted out of context

I respectfully ask the voters of Pitkin County to support my reelection to the Board of County Commissioners. As a commissioner, I have worked with my colleagues on the board to bring constructive discussions to the commissioners’ deliberations and sought balanced decision-making on issues confronting our community. My understanding of accounting and of the importance of our tourism economy, combined with the human and leadership skills I have acquired over 16 years of growing a business and providing employment for many in Pitkin County, are all important attributes that I bring to the board.

My values are clear: preserving the environment, supporting the needs of the less fortunate among us, and balanced growth. In fact my skills and values have led Jack Hatfield, the only commissioner who served on the board with both Patti Clapper and me, and Dorothea Farris, who served on the board with Patti, to endorse my reelection. I believe it is also why The Aspen Times has endorsed my reelection.

My opponent and her allies have played the tired political game of negativity and name-calling that have no place in our community. My words have been twisted out of context. I am proud of my value system as a socially liberal, environmentally concerned, and fiscally conservative citizen. Terms such as “tea partier” and “right of center” Republican have been falsely used against me. These imprudent terms add nothing to the political debate, nor do they help clarify and resolve the important issues confronting our County.

In the same vein, a recent column by Mick Ireland and an editorial endorsing my opponent — both in the Aspen Daily News — seek to tie me to the campaign of the Republican candidate for Colorado Governor merely because a “meet and greet” was held at my restaurant, Rustique, in April, for which the candidate paid and took place long before he was the Republican nominee. In fact, I open my restaurant — as do all the other restaurants in town — to all people who would like to hold an events. The list of people who have held events at Rustique includes Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Madeleine Albright, Gail Schwartz and John Hickenlooper, the latter a fellow restaurateur who I am supporting in his own reelection. I am bipartisan in my business dealings. To be otherwise would deprive my business and employees not only of income, but of the right to call ourselves fair-minded members of the Pitkin County community.

I ask for your vote, and if reelected would be honored to serve for another four years as your county commissioner.

Rob Ittner

Pitkin County

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