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Letter: Turtles could have planned race better

I was going to submit a rather enraged piece I wrote while sitting on the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus for two hours during my arduous journey from Rubey Park to the intercept lot Monday evening.

I have since had time to process the 120 minutes of my life that was wasted because of the city’s complete lack of planning and disregard for its local residents — and I’ve decided what I think would be a fair retribution:

The genius(es) responsible for allowing the race to end during rush-hour traffic, trapping hundreds of Roaring Fork Valley residents in Aspen, should be fired from their job(s) and given a new one: schlepping iPads around on their backs on the roof at the new Aspen Art Museum.

The turtles could have done a better job planning this race. They also could have traveled back to Snowmass faster than I did yesterday.

I’d call that fair.

Sarah Armstrong

Snowmass and Carbondale