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Letter: Turtle ad is misleading

I am a resident of Snowmass Village and want to enlighten you on the counterproductive full-page ads Andrew Sabin is putting in the newspaper.

Just an FYI: The latest ad was false information. That is a box turtle. Not a tortoise. I’m assuming he knows that considering he is involved in the Turtle Conservancy. Also, I’m assuming he knows the tortoises in the Aspen Art Museum are rescue tortoises, which makes me surprised that he would not support the effort of the artist, although I understand not all people are supporters of the art world.

One more thing, using a name like Salamander Commander is a very touchy area in Aspen. Chris Cassatt is a loved cartoonist that is the creator of Sal A. Mander. There is a long history there. See http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20050306/ASPENWEKLY06/5030500.

Molly Weiner

Brooklyn, New York, and Snowmass Village