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Letter: Trump wrong about McCain

Am I high, or is Donald Trump insensitve, angry or just plain stupid? By saying John McCain is not a war hero is crazy talk. Even if McCain did not get caught by Northern Vietcong troops and abused for years, he would still be a hero. Here is why: Can you imagine sitting in a huge warplane and being launched from the deck of a 1,000-foot ship? After that, you have to fly over hostile territory and drop a load and maybe get into a dogfight or two. Then, you have to fly back and land in a controlled crash onto a pitching, yawing and rolling deck.

I have never served in the armed services in this great country of ours but I read a lot of history. I think The Donald needs to do the same thing. I have always admired and respected our troops and allies, especially after I took a B-17 flight one day. Let me tell you, I was dry heaving after the first hour of fuel exaust and terrible, freezing cold in that fuselage — all the while not being shot at! So even if a person serves and is not in combat, you can still get maimed or killed. Look at the poor souls who were killed just the other day by a gunman while working in a stri pmall in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I am not sure how many more mistakes Trump will make on the campaign trail, but this one is a whopper. This man thinks he wants to be the fearless leader of the free world? I think he needs to hire me as a personal handler and history educator or he needs to enroll in the nearest community college and get a decent education.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Aspen