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Letter: Trump is coming

Get out your earplugs, as Donald Trump is coming to spew more of his poisonous hatred and separation among the masses. Didn’t he say he wasn’t taking a dime in contribution money? So why would he be here in our lovely town raising funds? If he’s lying about this, I don’t want him in charge of the U.S. Treasury, do you? And considering he bankrupted four companies, who’s going to bail him out when he bankrupts the country? Now please don’t think I am a Hillary Clinton supporter, either, because I get that she is also a lying corporately supported puppet who will sell us out to the highest bidder and put it through the Clinton Foundation’s books. I personally think we should do something radical and reject both unqualified candidates and start over with someone actually qualified and sane. But as many of us know, the corporations running this election have already made their choice, and we the people are simply playing out the folly and division to make it look legit.

We are in a mess, my fellow citizens, and the only way through is in unity. I read this today from my “Earth Medicine” book by Jamie Sams about how the original people here handled life (funny that Donald wants to enact tight immigration laws, as we Americans are all immigrants here, so I guess we’d have to go, too):

“Red nations healing process —

“There is a valuable secret to healing that is held by the red race. The Native American people are going through a healing crisis in these modern times. We are reawakening to what we have always known. The sacred mountains are our foundations, the rivers run through our veins, the trees are our backbones, and the creators are our teachers. These understandings give us strength to heal our hearts and our spirits of 200 years of shame.

“We are learning how to heal addictions through the wisdom of our ancestors’ ways. We are nurturing the seeds of cooperation and sharing that were blown away by adopting the worst of the white man’s ways. And now we are being asked to heal the lies and separations that have taken hold inside our own communities.

“Divide and conquer was an idea brought from Europe that took Native America by surprise. The idea cut the circles that contained our sense of wholeness. Today, we, like all other races, are learning to heal the splits within ourselves. We are asking for guidance, and many are finding that we can no longer continue the ideas of separation if we are to heal. We are at the same crossroads as all other nations on this Earth. We must decide to embrace the healing found in unity that makes us spiritually strong.

“Is today the time for you to let go of the ideas that keep you from seeing all humans (Earth and creators) as family?”

Alecia Evans


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