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Letter: Trump, immigration and water flow

Friday’s column “When nationalism Trumps common sense,” by Roger Marolt (The Aspen Times, Aug. 28), morphed into a personal and obvious anti-Donald Trump statement and little about nationalism. Immigration became a component of his ramble, attacking Americans overseas and suggesting an openness toward immigrants at home. Somehow he positions Americans abroad, be they travelers or possibly military, as “greedy, obnoxious, lazy, stupid and arrogant.” Wow! Sorry — I so not share his low opinion. His claim appears to be that it is un-American not to allow immigrants to take Americans’ jobs at low wages and speak their language without a need to speak English. To have national pride as an American somehow makes us racists if we object to an infusion of illegal immigrants. He finds problematic our arrogance as a great nation. Our standards should be lowered to be more equal to others, leading to an acquiesced posture as part of a path to global equalization. I am a proud American. I feel we must all wave our flag and hold it high. We must protect and support our history, our language, our heritage, our borders and the objectives of our founding fathers as well as the roots of the ethical and moral bricks of our nation. It is what made us strong and will keep us so unless we go the way he suggests. Yes, Canada may be the place for Roger. Outside Aspen may be the place for Roger. But I love America and know many who feel the same. I am also fortunate to be born here and will defend this nation and strive to keep us above all others, high in achievement and great. Even if Trump becomes the president, which appears to be the fear of the liberals and Roger (the fact that he has a chance), you will not see my moving van following Roger’s across an American border. I also doubt you will actually see Roger move. By the way, he would like more water from the source in America to be released into Mexico so Mexicans can stay there (or did I misunderstand his analogy?).

Tom Balderston

Snowmass Village