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Letter: Trump hasn’t a chance

Well, well. What started out, as many thought, that Donald Trump’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination was a joke, has turned into a Republican nightmare.

Look at his negatives.

1. Insults the handicapped

2. Appears to be anti-women

3. He wants to rip apart Latino families by deporting millions, without a chance at citizenship. After all, we left our borders porous for cheap labor. How cruel!

4. He is a loose cannon who is disliked by 87 percent of American women

5. Our allies are fearful that his off-the-wall comments will trigger an international crisis.

Are there any positives?

1. He’s a successful businessman, even though a few of his companies are in receivership. Trump believes if you borrow big enough, the bank doesn’t own you — you own the bank. Too big to fail?

2. His wife, maybe our future first lady, is a Ukranian super model. But Hillary won’t be first lady; she will be commander in chief. Who knows what Bill Clinton will be? Keep him away from the White House staff — right?

Here’s the way I see it: The Democrats could put up Donald Duck against Donald Trump and win! In addition to Trump’s negatives, is the Republican policies to favor the rich people and corporations against the middle class and those in poverty and disadvantaged. They know (as Mitt Romney said) they will never vote Republican. After all, 45 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes. How good is that?

Americans always vote their pocketbooks and know not to stand on their own oxygen hose.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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