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Letter: True enough isn’t enough

Why has punditry lately overtaken news? Why do lies seem to linger so long in the cultural subconscious even after they’ve been thoroughly discredited? And why, when more people than ever before are documenting the truth with laptops and digital cameras, does fact-free spin and propaganda seem to work so well? So reads the Amazon summary of “True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society.” Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but not define his or her own truth.

I am deeply disturbed that the developer of Base2 continues to define a truth that is not based upon facts. What bothers me more is people believe it if told it often enough. Farhad Manjoo’s book uses the Swift Boat Veterans’ negative campaign that derailed John Kerry’s 2004 presidential run as a case study for how a lie becomes truth. It alarms me that Mark Hunt is the only contributor to the $50,000 campaign to win the election. His ad buys, website and verbal representation are false.

My only hope is that the voters are analytical enough to question what is presented. These are the facts that are recorded in Ordinance 1 that approved Base2. Please verify this by reading it yourself. I have posed a link to it on our site: http://www.votenoonbase2.com. Average room size is 191 square feet­; the ‘true enough’ version is 150-175 square feet. There are zero setbacks as defined by law. There is no on-site parking; the ­ ‘true enough’ version is that underground parking is provided. Simply not true. Hunt sent a letter to the city. It has not been submitted. It is not part of the planned development. There are no legal guarantees, yet people are believing it because it is ‘true enough.’ Hunt tells us that he can build the same size building if Base2 is defeated. The MU zoning of that site requires setbacks that any new project must adhere to. The fact is Base2 is approved to build on a footprint of 60×100, zoning requires 50×85. Fact 6,000 is greater than 4,250, true enough? A full-page ad may be true enough, but not the truth.

Hunt has wedged this as a vitality and party issue. The future of Aspen is more serious than that. Beer, pizza and T-shirts should not buy the future of our town. The future of Aspen cannot be wedged as a generational issue.

As you cast your vote, I ask you to be true to your instincts and your gut feelings, not true enough.

I ask you to vote no on ballot issue 2A.

Thank you

Ward Hauenstein


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