Letter: Tree Farm is bad for our kids

Tree Farm is bad for our kids

As the former mayor of Basalt, I’ve seen the Tree Farm application before. I didn’t like it then and really don’t like it now. It promises lots of square footage and (I’m sure) a whole lot of new revenue for somebody, but it’s missing something really important. It forgot about our kids; the kids that are, and will become, our town’s, state’s and country’s future.

What’s missing?

1. It doesn’t address the critical space needs we have in our schools. The elementary school is bursting at the seams. Where’s the new school on the Tree Farm site?

2. It doesn’t address the day care shortages we have. The waiting list at Blue Lake Preschool is 168 and growing. Where’s the new preschool? There had better be one, because the Tree Farm wants to add 400 more residences to the midvalley.

3. It doesn’t address the “affordable” housing that our young families so desperately need. In fact, it reduces the number of affordable residential units by 83. I’ve heard from developers before that if they are permitted to build lots of units, those units will be affordable — but that hasn’t happened. Developers sell units for whatever price they can get.

I ask the Mid-Valley Planning Commission to deny the Tree Farm application. We need to do better for the sake of our kids.

Leroy Duroux

Former mayor of Basalt