Letter: Transportation favors Torre

I grew up in Aspen and currently reside in Basalt. I wish that I could cast my vote for Torre on May 5 since the decisions that are made in Aspen directly impact those of us who live downvalley as well as Aspen voters. As a commuter, I would like address the immense traffic problems. Torre is in favor of transportation solutions that that would help alleviate traffic congestion and improve buses and bikeways at the Entrance to Aspen. I moved back to the valley from Los Angeles to get away from traffic, not to be stuck in it.

I have seen Aspen grow and change since I was a kid in the ’70s. Aspen has a wonderful history and it is essential that we retain its unique character and sense of local community. Torre has suggested land-use code changes and supports local business while fostering community. Torre reflects the core community values I grew up with that make this town so special. I urge you to vote Torre for mayor in this election.

Samantha Ferrara