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Letter: Transparency is a two-way street

For a few years, both Aspen Skiing Co. and various real estate developers have told the useful community beneficial truth about the Lift 1A area and its needed viable makeover.

Skico is not repeatedly crying wolf even in “FIS sends clear message: Replace Lift 1A” (The Aspen Times, June 6).

Let’s see — for decades nationwide and in Aspen, people and groups have cried for more corporate accountability, more corporate responsibility and more corporate transparency.

In the Aspen political poker game, let’s have the no-development and no-growth groupies be transparent in the public arena simply by presenting for public viewing their financial statements of personal wealth, income and investments; statements of sources and uses of funds; family backgrounds in politics, government, education and business; vacation spots; trust-fund-account breakdowns; and personal and family memberships on boards of directors or trustees.

Don’t you readers agree that the no-development and no-growth individuals and groupies in Aspen show accountability, responsibility and transparency like corporate America is called upon to do?

Who are the ones who profit from no-growth and no-development issues and conflicts in Aspen? Can you name names and businesses that make money and gain power from such issues and conflicts? Do they fan the flames for their personal and/or commercial benefit?

What do you have to say about it? What do you think about this type of activist transparency being begun in Aspen?

Why would it make Aspen a more open, more just, more well-balanced and more honest society for generations to come if activist transparency were legislated?

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen