Letter: Traffic problem, a partial solution

Mr. Mayor and City Council, please do your job and read this.

Traffic going into and out of Aspen is a problem.

Here is a partial and simple solution to make it somewhat easier without spending any taxpayer money and even help fix a dangerous situation.

When entering Aspen:

• There is already a sign allowing for a “right turn,” but it is vague. Clarify and expand that existing option by allowing anyone who is turning onto Maroon Creek Road or Castle Creek Road to use this bus lane. This will work and help eliminate a portion of he traffic entering Aspen.

• Fix a dangerous issue. Allow motorcycles and scooters to use this same right-hand lane. Besides helping with traffic, the local police can eliminate stopping cyclists who move into that lane simply to avoid getting hit from behind. Police routinely stop cyclists who move into the “bus only” lane, which is a waste of time and money.

FYI, cyclists simply want to stay alive and not get hit by speeding cars, so moving into that lane helps both traffic and traffic accidents and saves police from warning cyclists not to be in that (mostly unused) lane.

When leaving Aspen: Completely eliminate the “bus only” lane. There is absolutely no need to have the streets backed up past the roundabout and into downtown every afternoon.

People simply want to leave town. Why not eliminate that “bus only” lane when leaving our city?

Seriously, this makes so much sense. Why not do this?

These are simple, easy and cost-efficient ways to help the traffic issue everyone complains about.

In the off chance there is a delay or accident within the 1- or 2-mile stretch of “bus only” lanes, the bus can be an extra 15 seconds late.

The benefits far outweigh the detriments.

Mr. Mayor and City Council, are you listening? Do you care? Will you please do your job and make these changes?

Marc Ostrofsky