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Letter: Town should pay

To answer Basalt Town Manager Mike Scanlon, the town of Basalt should pay the $25,000! (“Debate intensifies over Basalt breach,” The Aspen Times, June 24.)

If indeed the design “worked about the way we expected,” then the contractor was simply following plans designed by the town and should not be liable for the cost of washed-away topsoil and gravel. Or did a design firm for Lowe Enterprises design the rock retainer?

What a tax-dollar waste to tear down a “ramshackle” dike that protected a trailer park for many years, only to build an expensive, fancy-looking wall, complete with jetties, and watch it get breached!

Another foot of water, or 20 more inches of snow this winter, and the Rocky Mountain Institute building would have been wet!

Build a water park there, and redevelop the old Clark’s Market asphalt lot in the center of town! That makes the most sense to any individual who does not have any special interests in the development. The townspeople of Basalt are pleading for you to do so, it sounds like, too!

Stay high and dry!

John Norman