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Letter: Torre will guard the bottom line


Torre will guard the bottom line

Dear Editor:

In the Aspen mayoral runoff election, I endorse Torre!

Why? Let’s look at the overriding money and spending issues facing Aspen to keep it in sound fiscal waters.

As he tackles Aspen City Hall doings and citywide problems, Torre looks at money implications like a certified public accountant or a venture capitalist.

He explains his city-related financial interpretations in a clear municipal accounting reporting fashion at public City Council meetings.

I have observed and evaluated Torre. He will look after the Aspen City Hall purse strings, even if he must nickle and dime city departments and other municipal expenditures.

A vote for Torre as mayor is a vote for better managed dollars and sense in Aspen municipal accounting systems and procedures.

What more can a money-wise Republican, Democratic or nonaffiliated Aspen voter ask for in these bewildering financial and economic times in Aspen, Pitkin County, Colorado and America?

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen