Letter: Too old for the office

I hate to say it, but aren’t the leading presidential candidates a little old for the job? In January 2017, when the next president takes office, this will be their ages:

Hillary Clinton will be 69 — born Oct. 26, 1947.

Bernie Sanders will be 75 — born Sept. 8, 1941.

Donald Trump will be 70 — born June 14, 1946.

Ben Carson will be 65 — born Sept. 18, 1951.

Believe it or not, since Abraham Lincoln was president, there has been only one president who was 65 or older when he took office. That was Ronald Reagan.

These are amazingly troubled times. Our next president will need tremendous energy to deal with the problems of our times for the full eight years they will probably remain in office. All of these candidates may be wonderful now. However, I submit that all of these candidates are simply too old to become president and remain in that position for eight years.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village