Letter: Too hot to handle, too hard to hear

On July 9 at 5 p.m., I attended a Historic Preservation Commission meeting in the basement of Aspen City Hall. I went hoping to better understand the controversy between the Lundy structure renovation and the home owned and lived in by Martin and Beate Block.

Hearing what was discussed by the commissioners was not possible; there was no audio system. I asked to have the sound amplified and was told I could not hear because people in my row were talking. True, people were asking each other what was being said. No one could hear. Microphones were in front of each commissioner. Each speaker needed to hold the microphone directly in front of his or her mouth when talking. After a few spoken words they no longer spoke directly into the microphone and, despite the fact the sound was set at its highest level, the sound did not resonate.

The room was very hot, and I asked if the air-conditioner system could be turned on only to be told there was no cooling system. Many people gave up and left due to the discomfort and poor sound.

Attending that meeting was a waste of time. I learned nothing, and I left as I began to feel faint from the heat.

Aspen as a world class city should be able to place fans in public meeting rooms. Continuing as is is unconscionable.

The Aspen City Council recently approved $215,000 to fund the USA Pro Challenge cycling race that comes to town next month for a once a year event. I hope the council will purchase fans and an amplifying system that will be used all year. Until then, calling a public meeting under present conditions is a sham.

Linda Kalnitsky