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Letter: Too hard on Obama

I read and had to re-read Glenn Beaton’s last funny article about President Obama (“Tangoing on through terror,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, April 3). Funny, sarcastic and ridiculous.

First off, he wrote that Obama was in Cuba on vacation. Really? Seems to me he was working. These right-wingers really complain, especially when the president happens to be on a golf course. Now watch this drive!

Then Beaton thought Obama should fly all the way back to Washington, D.C., to properly lead the free world. In all fairness to the recent past President George W. Bush, he got a lot of flak for spending way too much time on the ranch doing ranch things like undercutting brush, chain-sawing trees, mountain biking, etc. I thought that was stupid criticism, as I was sure there was most likely a Secret Service person with a phone and a suitcase full of codes probably 20 feet from that particular ranch.

Next, there is more complaining about the president doing the tango. You have got to be kidding. But wait — the felony gets worse. The president was doing the tango with a woman who was leading the leader of the free world. It gets even more felonious, though. The tango was happening as the world was burning! Really? The whole entire world was on fire! Come on.

I will admit that the Islamic extremist bombing in Belgium that week was indeed a global disaster, but to criticize a working president who pretty much is on the job 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, is just plain childish. I am pretty sure the American public really does not know how much time a president has to and for himself. Bush did get a lot of hell for bad optics and being away, as well. I think a lot of that criticism was wrongly placed, also.

Miles Knudson