Letter: To the mayor of Aspen

Our Aspen Times has reported it was your decision to charge Sheriff DiSalvo’s sponsored charity event supporting The Hope Center a $10,000 fee for use of the Aspen Municipal Golf Course. If this was your call it was a mistake.

Not all nonprofits are created equal. You and you colleagues at City Hall should consider The Hope Center a vital part of the city infrastructure on par with the Fire Department, Water Department and the Police Department. These agencies are in place to serve all of us. The Hope Center serves a small group of unlucky people when life slugs them a body blow and they need help getting back up. You or I, our kid, neighbor, or best friend, could be the next person life slugs and the Hope Center is there to help. The Hope Center is a resource for our police officers that helps them help others.

Sir, have broad shoulders, square them up and tell all the other 200+ nonprofits in the valley that might seek a fee exemption that The Hope Center event has “vital infrastucture status” in the mayor’s office.

Return the $10,000. Exempt the Hope Center’s Monday afternoon event (low revenue time at the course) from a use fee in perpetuity.

This is the right thing to do. Not all nonprofits are created equal. Square up your shoulders and do the right thing.

Jim Ferrara