Letter: Time to move forward

This week the pope defined a good political leader as someone who “ensures that a positive change in one area does not have a serious negative impact on another group.” He also stated that the times “demand that we pool our resources and talents, and resolve to support one another, with respect for our differences and our convictions of conscience.” I am not a Catholic, but I happen to love this pope, and I think his definition of good leadership is spot-on.

It would seem that the Basalt election theme this year has everything to do with leadership. We have major decisions to make about the future of Basalt, particularly as it relates to the river site. We have failed to identify a reasonable solution so that everyone benefits, but no one gets everything they want. That is a reflection on leadership. Mayor Jacque Whitsitt has complained that the current Basalt Town Council has kept her from getting anything done. I would propose the opposite: that she has failed as a leader to bring the council and the community together, with the interests of all in mind, and seize the moment in a spirit of openness and pragmatism to move forward with a community plan that is implementable. No small task and not one I would want to take on.

I propose that she has had her time, worked hard and did the best she could but is not qualified to accomplish what is ahead of us. She has proven this in her lack of results. It is time for new leadership, one that requires the empathy, political strength and leadership to articulate and implement evidence-based policy in an inclusive and effective way that results in real, positive change.

I believe Rick Stevens has the skills and commitment to continually build for the future by increasing the capabilities of our town, by involving all stakeholders in building consensus for what is the right plan for Basalt, with openness and integrity. These skills in our mayor would produce the outcomes best-suited to preserve the character of our town and yet strengthen and position it for a productive future.

Thank you, Jacque, for all of your effort.

Please vote for Rick Stevens for mayor of Basalt.

Kathy Hegberg