Letter: Time to grow up

As we move into 2016, I ask all of us to consider a few things if we are truly to live in harmony and peace. This will require a fast maturation process for us “superior” humans, so hold on to your hats and consider really growing up this year.

1. Remember that you belong to the earth; she does not belong to you. So technically, in the bigger picture, you are a visitor here who owns nothing and has no right to kill anything or anyone. Ask yourself if your actions would warrant you being invited back.

2. If you truly want to see change in the world, don’t wait for Election Day. Every day you vote for what you want with every dollar you spend. You want to change things? Consume less and be very conscious of how you spend every dollar. You are voting every single day with your dollars. Take back your powers from corporate America and spend wisely.

3. If you want to truly take action against global warming, then every town government needs to establish regulations to only use solar on every home over 3,500 square feet, every secondary residence and every new building that goes up in this valley, and retrofit every existing house. If we want to change things, we are the ones who have to take action. The money is here to make this a reality; now make it standard regulation.

4. You want to build more in the midvalley, do an Environmental Protection Agency study first to see if the land, air, water and animal populations can truly support more pollution, congestion and overuse.

5. If you want to stop war, stop consuming so much. Wars are being fought in every American’s name so we can sustain the life we live, and believe me, we are quite a wasteful and overconsuming bunch. As a culture, we carelessly consume and waste more natural resources than 45 percent of the world. We call ourselves civilized, but civilized has a huge price tag. We are as much a part of the wars as the “terrorists.”

6. Your children learn by your example. Learn how to live with the earth and the animals. Learn to protect Mother Earth and when to say “no” to things that damage her. Be willing to let go of the things that are completely wasteful of her resources, as you are stealing your children’s future when you are not aware of this (i.e., you don’t need Christmas lights, and stop killing innocent animals for fashion).

7. Keep in mind that what you derive pleasure from — boats, planes, cars, leaving lights on unnecessarily — is all a waste of resources and your children’s future.

8. If you want change, start with yourself.

9. Pick up a copy of Evan Zislis’ book “ClutterFree Revolution.”

10. The revolution starts with you — in your home today.

Happy new year!

Alecia Evans