Letter: Time to get busy with rail

After reading both “CDOT chief: Cottonwood Pass not a priority” (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, March 24)

and “CDOT: No Plans for Cottonwood Pass improvements in near future” (Aspen Daily News, March 25), and then fortuitously talking with a female

employee at City Market-El Jebel, this is what I concluded:

My key solution for less badly influenced commercial activity came from my enlightening talk with the City Market-El Jebel female concerned about her supermarket location’s delivery troubles.

My response to her worry is Kroger should ship freight by railroad to Glenwood Springs when alerted to I-70 Glenwood Canyon highway repairs during the foreseeable future — the road diversion route time is an estimated 9 hours while the railroad is 6 hours.

Upon the train’s arrival awaiting trucks at the Glenwood Springs train station can truck grocery cargo and other products to their designated business destinations.

Railway transport is the smartest logistical solution for both the I-70 corridor and the Roaring Fork Valley business communities to minimize supply disruptions.

Get busy City Market and Kroger!

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.