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Letter: Time to dump Trump

I seriously know and think Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Manfort should suspend their campaign for the good of the GOP and especially the good of the country. I realize how undemocratic this sounds, but this whole attempt is a mess. I honestly think the Republican Party needs a reset so it doesn’t go the way of the Whigs — and dinosaurs, for that matter. This country really needs and deserves a healthy Republican Party, not a disaster like Trump and also the tea party blockaders. This is eight years of serious constipation, maybe more. Republicans typically blame President Obama for all their woes. They need to get a grip and look the Bush-Cheney fiasco square in the eyes and figure out a way forward. Whoever is picked to deal with the Trump autopsy needs to be an old-guard conservative with an old-guard Democrat, a few honest people who can tell it like it is.

However, unlike the last time this was done, conservatives need to listen and figure it out this time. Also, getting mad and angry is not going to cut it. One has to be more creative and work on problems wisely. I don’t agree with a lot of conservative ideas, but I am sure a country with a really strong one-party system is a bad and tragic thing.

So dump this battle, and don’t implode and lose the war.

Miles Knudson