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Letter: Time for talk with Iran

Until now, I have refrained from commenting on all the letters regarding the Iran/Israel situation. It is sad to see so many hateful, ignorant, misinformed letters from people on both sides of the issue.

Johnny Boyd’s letter (“Proactive or paranoid?” Feb. 17, The Aspen Times, Letters to the Editor) has prompted me to comment. It is the first intelligent, thoughtful letter that I’ve seen on this issue. Ironically, it immediately got an online comment that talked of Hitler and Jew-hating.

Thomas Friedman put it very well in one of his columns: “There will be no peace in the Middle East until both sides get rid of their radical elements.”

How many of those demanding that we attack Iran have a son or daughter in the military? How many of them have served in the military?

Not all Israelis support taking Palestinian land for more settlements. They know that it is wrong and justification for more terrorist attacks.

Not all Iranians want an atomic bomb. If we stopped warmongering and threatening to bomb them, maybe they would stop trying to build a bomb.

After all that happened in the Second World War, we are now friends and allies of the Japanese and Germans. Yet we have persecuted Cuba for 50 years. We are blaming Iran for being angry over things we did to it.

It is time for talk and reconciliation, as President Obama is doing.

Charles H. Hopton


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