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Letter: Time for immigration reform


Time for immigration reform

Dear Editor:

My name is Norma Avila, and I have been living in Aspen since 1999. I am a U.S.-born citizen and a Colorado Mountain College student. I am also a mother, a daughter and active in my community. My purpose for writing this letter is to support immigration reform. I believe that this country is strong because it was built from immigrants from all over the world.

I believe that immigration reform should pass the House of Representatives. The reason that it should pass is because there are 11 million people waiting for a solution on this issue. It is really sad to see families separated only because there is not an immigration solution. The following points are why we should have immigration reform approved.

Families will be together. Children will no longer be afraid of their parents getting deported. Parents will be more comfortable participating in their children’s education. Children will be able to concentrate on their education instead of being afraid. They will be more motivated to do well at school and graduate becoming professionals and well-educated members of our communities. Immigrants feel afraid to get involved because they worry about being asked their legal status. Immigrants will come out of the shadows and participate in their communities.

Immigration reform will shrink the deficit and grow the economy. There will be 11 million new taxpayers who will be reporting their income taxes. The government will have more federal and state funding. Immigrants will create new businesses and employment opportunities for others. As the economy grows, so will investments. Business owners will follow the laws regarding hiring immigrants and reporting taxes.

In addition, immigrants will have the opportunity to travel to their own countries to visit family, whom they haven’t seen for years or decades. Immigrants will meet new members of their families after many years of absences.

I thank my mom and dad for all their sacrifices so that my siblings and I could become American citizens. By helping other immigrants, it allows me an opportunity to repay my parents for all that they have done. They came to this country to obtain the American dream like millions of other immigrants. Passing immigration reform will positively impact our country. I have faith that this year the House of Representatives will listen to all our petitions and immigration reform will pass.

Norma Avila