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Letter (Thursday, Aug. 15): The slobs of Aspen


Dear Editor:

America has become a nation of inconsiderate slobs. One of the things I loved most about Colorado when I first moved here in the mid-’70s was how devoid of garbage the roadsides were. How things have changed. Now there are plastic bottles, beer cans and other assorted pieces of garbage everywhere.

This disrespectful behavior also has spread to the Ute Trail. Hikers are leaving Starbucks coffee cups, empty plastic water bottles, dog-poop bags and facial tissues on the trail.

The black plastic bag hanging on a tree in Aspen Skiing Co.’s Bingo Glades is for the ski patrol’s boundary ropes. People ripped it open to leave their garbage because it is too much trouble to carry it to the top or back down. The ski patrol has better things to do than carry out your trash in November.

Then there is someone who drops facial tissues like Reese’s Pieces on the trail all the way to the Sundeck. Yes, the tissues will biodegrade eventually, but in the meantime, other locals and guests encounter this disgusting behavior, spoiling an otherwise beautiful hike.

Recently while hiking the Ute to the Sundeck, I brought a plastic bag with me. I filled it to overflowing before I got 50 feet past the rock outcropping. There are no rangers cleaning up after you or your dog on the Ute Trail. The Ute Trail is close to town, but there aren’t any garbage pails up there. If you aren’t going to carry it out, don’t bring it on your hike.

Cliff Weiss