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Letter: Thrilled with court’s decision

A verbal contract and work performed successfully by Shlomo Ben-Hamoo brought a $27.5 million buyer for the Boogie’s building. The deal has closed, and a commission was paid. The lawsuit states that there was indeed a deal between Shlomo and the owner of Boogie’s. In his letter to the editor, Leonard Weinglass quotes a sentence in a contract that was never showed to Shlomo and which Shlomo was not a party to (“Setting the record straight,” June 2, The Aspen Times). This sentence was contained in a contract between the buyer and the Boogie’s Building, drawn up in New York City and Baltimore after Shlomo put them together here in Aspen and with no input from Shlomo. That sentence told the buyer that the Boogie’s Building had no broker and made the buyer pay the commission. C’est la guerre. We are grateful for a court system that assisted in remedying the dispute and we wish Leonard good luck. We are thrilled with the final outcome and welcome the new owners and wish them much success in Aspen.

Matt Ferguson