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Letter: Thoughts of Aspen

Thoughts of Aspen

It sure is great to be back in Aspen, high up in the Rockies where the good vibrations go for the summer. I like standing here in a green grove in this moment listening to the aspen leaves quivering with the slightest breeze. My mood is soothed by the stillness as the sunlight dances freely upon the flickering leaves. A radiant energy by which ones senses overcomes me, and I feel at home. As I walked the streets, I really missed seeing Nancy Pfister’s smiling face around town. She always had a warm, welcoming sparkle in her eyes when she had her happy face on. What’s up with the “new art museum”? It looks like a slatted wooden case used for transporting. Have they crated it all up to be shipped off to Timbuktu? I guess they will airlift it out of here? The cookie issue. If that is the best idea they can talk about, “what if” the cookie monster gets into your personal stash. When I was a little boy, my aunt made the best fruit cake. It was soaked in rum until moist. It was delicious. I would eat the whole cake. Anyway, we should become more concerned with the 800,000 deaths every year caused by alcohol.

Hinton Harrison