Letter: Thinking outside the box for schools

In the world arena of education, America is failing. I remember my first F — what a shock! I was a well-behaved little girl from Woody Creek with nice penmanship; how could I have failed? But in hindsight, it was an important moment in my (ongoing) education of how the world works.

We need to overhaul our public education system in this country — and fast. Our methods are subpar, as evidenced by America’s ranking in comparison with other developed nations. Standardized tests that cannot measure every individual’s capability are outdated. To lead in the future, we’ll need to focus on open-minded communication, common sense and empathy.

Lee Mulcahy has all of these in spades. Talk about thinking outside the box; Lee can still see the potential skyscraper in the old refrigerator box. As an artist and a teacher, Lee knows how to listen. He approaches his life and his work with honesty and heart, and I believe he will be an exceptional asset to the Aspen school board.

Jeannie Perry