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Letter: Thinking of the Graham family

I sure wish I was not writing this letter. It means another one of our children is dead and my kids personally have seen too many of their friends die. This town can be tough to live in for some kids, but we always come together. That is why I was so surprised to see such a mean and hateful article about one of our own. I do not want to be repetitive about Will and all the good things about him — that seems to have been mentioned a number of times. The Will I knew grew up with my boys. I have known him for years. He came to my house often and always gave me a big “hello” or hug and actually talked to me. (He was a teenager, after all.) Whenever I saw him out, he would come over to say “hi” and ask how things were going. Nice, fun, great kid. I just wanted to say that and to send out my thoughts to Geraldine, Billy and Wes. We are all thinking about you and we love you.

Linda Ukraine