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Letter: Think big picture on rec center

Think big picture on rec center

I was one of the original members of the committee that put together the Crown Mountain Recreation District. At that time a group of forward-thinking individuals recognized the changing makeup of the midvalley area and the need to preserve a very special piece of the valley floor, and to provide essential recreation facilities to the expanding population.

I say “forward thinking” because they could see that something very different was developing in the midvalley, something those of us who have lived here for many years did not anticipate.

As with all change there are those who embrace it and those who fight it. I am a little of both!

The reality is that the midvalley area has become a vibrant, populated and special part of the valley. Its population is increasing and with it the need to support those who live there with recreational opportunities that previously were unnecessary. Take a careful look and you will see a diverse community full of kids, seniors and everyday folks who keep this valley running — they need and deserve a recreation opportunity that meshes with their very busy lifestyles and is both affordable and does not demand a 20-minute drive.

I am not in favor of new taxes! Who is? Sometimes, living in the most beautiful place on earth, we have to make decisions that are for the common good and put our selfish interests aside. We have to look into the future and see what might be coming and make our best decisions based on that. Did we foresee the midvalley area becoming what it is today? Most of us did not! What will the future hold for this area? If you spend any time in the area, you will see that it is going to continue to grow and it behooves us to control that growth and make it something very special. The recreation center is part of that positive growth.

The committee putting this vote together has done their homework. They care about kids and they care about you. This recreation center will be a wonderful addition to our midvalley area and the future asks that you consider it thoughtfully. Perhaps you might not use the center, but there are, and will be many, many more who will. Shouldn’t we make it available to them?

As a friend of mine who was building my house, and listening as we were making difficult budgetary decisions once told me: “You will never remember what you paid for something, but you will always remember what you didn’t!” I hope that you vote “yes”on 4C and 4D so that one day we don’t look back with remorse that we didn’t pay today for something that we will all use tomorrow.

Willard L. Clapper


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