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Letter: There’s more to the Krabloonik story

The district attorney has returned with eight misdemeanor charges against Krabloonik, or one for each malnourished dog. No one in Snowmass Village likes to hear of dogs going hungry. But who knows? These eight dogs may have refused food on their own due to age or illness. There might be a perfectly logical explanation for their health problems.

In an operation the size of Krabloonik, dogs are being born and dogs are dying. Puppies frolic while the aged animals watch miserably as their final days are played out. It is the way of the world.

A mere 3.2 percent of Krabloonik’s animals were unhealthy. The rest were maintaining muscle mass, which would seem like a desirable attribute of a sled dog. There has to be some doubt in the minds of most people that there is any abuse happening when looking at the big picture. Krabloonik is innocent until proven guilty.

Many of the Voices of Krabloonik people are blaming the town of Snowmass for all of this. It is true that the town rents the kennel space to Krabloonik, but is has no power or expertise in regulating such an enterprise. This is the realm of the state of Colorado. Hold it responsible if you like.

I know that many people care deeply about the dogs at Krabloonik and their hearts are in the right place. All animals deserve the best of care at the hand of man. However, it appears that Krabloonik has been dutifully providing the best of care. A certain amount of attrition is expected and 3.2 percent doesn’t sound extraordinary. These are working animals, not pets. Try to understand that.

Turn to the classifieds in this paper and count the number of actual pets that are in need of a good home. Start adopting some of these animals before they are put down for being unwanted. Krabloonik’s dogs have a purpose and are wanted for that purpose. Their lives are better than the unfortunate orphans in the classifieds.

With that picture in your head, think about what will happen to the 250 sled dogs that will need homes should the Voices of Krabloonik prevail in closing Krabloonik. If we can’t give away the pets we already have, where will 250 working dogs go? All the good intentions in the world won’t stall the deaths of these sled dogs.

The road to hell is being paved with good intentions as we speak.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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