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Letter: The X factor

In a recent letter to the editors of The Aspen Times (“A potential tragedy,” Feb. 2) and the Aspen Daily News (“A close call with RFTA bus,” Feb. 2), a Woody Creek resident had a bad experience with an outbound Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus. RFTA management is investigating the incident.

The X Games bring out the best and worst in everyone’s driving. Moving tens of thousands from Glenwood Springs to Aspen and back in a four-day period requires extreme experience, patience and coordination. This year we were also plagued with record crowds and record snowfall, creating the worst conditions one could imagine.

Along with the complaint about the alleged near miss was an article about a drunken driver at Lazy Glen coming back from Aspen and presumably the X Games (“Pot, bottles found in car after crash,” Feb. 3). That was not a near miss. A woman was seriously injured, and the young man who was driving went to jail. This should not have happened, and that is why the majority of revelers took RFTA and entrusted their safety to its drivers.

I drove all that weekend and racked up over 56 hours, as did many of our drivers, not to mention the contribution of our supervisors and managers. We take our jobs seriously and, to date, have done an exemplary job during the X Games. I do not believe castigating and generalizing the competence of all RFTA drivers as a whole is an accurate critique of this transit system. We have cameras and audio equipment on a majority of our buses. Our speed is monitored by a sophisticated GPS system, and our supervisors are constantly making sure the system is running smoothly.

No, Mr. Woody Creek resident, your analysis of RFTA drivers and RFTA as a whole is inaccurate. I do, however, believe you deserve an apology for the alleged incident, and as president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1774, I apologize. I am sure RFTA management will take action to make sure this will not happen again.

Ed Cortez

President and business agent, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1774

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