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Letter: The wrong targets

The wrong targets

The perpetually constipated Harry Reid railed that the Bundy family, of Nevada, and by extension, anyone who supported, or continues to support them, are “domestic terrorists!” That appalling description comes from an idiot who sees these Americans as the main threat to America.

This indescribably poor excuse for an American leader unapologetically put his fellow Americans on the same level as the Islamic terrorists who gave us 9-11!

Yet, Reid supports an administration that can’t even put the words “Islamic” and “terrorists” in the same time zone. It’s the same administration that refuses to monitor or defend even its own borders against illegal entry, let alone from Islamic infiltration of those same borders. And it’s one whose leading justice enforcement officer “enforces” the law selectively, often using race to tip the scale, and then whines “racism” when he’s criticized for it.

Inspiring “hope and change” isn’t it!

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek