Letter: The will of the people

To the Basalt Town Council:

As a participant in the chat sessions and after seeing all the excitement they generated for the future of our town, I suggest that it would be political suicide on your part to ignore what the people have put before you. Never in the process was it expressed that the riverfront space should be just a park. To truly create vibrancy, we need business and affordable housing to provide work and housing for the people of Basalt, two very basic human needs. As you are in a political seat, please let me remind you that our election process was established as one in which elected officials are in office to do the will of the people. Unfortunately, for too long now, that has not been the case; however, people are starting to take back their governments, as they have every right to do. It would be in your best interests to listen to the people, as they have demonstrated good vision and they are the people who are affected by your decisions. It is their town, and it is their turn. Yes, this is something very new playing out before the city government, but I suggest you go with the process at hand, as it is the way of the future for our culture and our society. This kind of thing is unfolding at all levels right now, and as you are in the role of leadership, I suggest you expand your thinking to include new and different ways to bring about solutions for issues put before you so you can meet the needs of the living conditions of the people. That was done beautifully as the residents of the trailer park were resettled in new housing. Why should Basalt not lead the way as a success story for the others to follow? Please, give honor to your constituents, those who elected you, and let’s all, together, make Basalt the best town in the valley.

Lollie Schweitzer


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