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Letter: The tragedy of selfishness

Blinded by their own light, the fundamentalist conservative evangelists pray that their God will stop people from loving one another. What about praying and asking their God to stop raping, stoning, mutilating and killing women because there neighbor stole their virginity? Pro-life stopping war — are they serious? What about all those innocent, decent people who have died in this ridiculous, ongoing war in the Middle East in the name of God for, what, greed?

These righteous, arrogant politicians are in bed with corporate warmongers blinded by their own selfish interests who want it all. Like Studs Terkel said, there is an egregious assault on basic human honest intelligence, and the cards are stacked against good Americans. These greedy politicians are lost souls who are determined to take 100 percent and won’t quit until they have it all. They have no heart.

We are suffering from a mental progressive deterioration that is being taken advantage of. Instead of caring for our aging community, they want to take human services away, not honoring their elders, and want to put elders in the streets. They should be ashamed of themselves. Where is the loving compassion that is being preached? It’s all mental and no heart.

Love thy neighbor — they point their fingers, using the Ten Commandments to preach, but commit adultery, kill in the name of their God, steal and worship the idolatry of money, coveting the wealth that belongs to all citizens of the earth.

Life is short. Instead of trying to take it all with you, we know from history that those who have hoarded material possessions left it behind in tombs, like today they’re locked up in warehouses. If respect, honoring life and sharing were the focus, making it possible for everyone to get their basic needs met, what a beautiful life it would be. Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, which was what earth was supposed to be. When man was created in the likeness of God, he was given a tongue and language was spoken. So began the perfection of selfish, heartless interest, which has made Earth hell.

Hinton Harrison


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