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Letter: The time is now for Snowmass

Dear Mayor Bill Boineau,

As an owner of a unit at the Viceroy Snowmass, and as a longtime visitor to Snowmass for annual summer and winter vacations, I’m writing to share my perspective on the current and future development in Base Village.

I have been following the events as best as possible, and my understanding is that Snowmass Acquisition Co. (Related Colorado) and the Snowmass Village Town Council met last week to discuss the future of Base Village and the upcoming expiration of the current vested rights held by Related. The amendment for the application is due Oct. 15.

I understand that Aspen Skiing Co., which withdrew its application to build a Limelight hotel, has re-signed an agreement with Related to construct the lodge and the Fanny Hill townhomes, which also were a part of the previous application. I believe it is critical that Related, the town and Skico all work together to resolve and move forward on the existing Base Village development. I was surprised that the application and discussion seemed to meet opposition from the town.

Again, I think it is critical to work together to get this piece in the heart of Snowmass Village moving forward again. A Limelight would bring additional people and business to the town. While it may compete with the occupancy of my own unit, I welcome the competition and an influx of new visitors to Snowmass Village. It makes us all stronger in the long run. I would like to see Related complete the Viceroy Hotel’s second building and also complete the existing buildings that are half-finished. The impression of the half-finished development is a very damaging appearance for Snowmass Village. I see this personally as a visitor each time I arrive; I hear it from other visitors wondering why the construction continues to be incomplete. The appearance is not appealing, and the long delay gives a sense of local problems.

I strongly believe a comprehensive and well-planned resolution would create a very positive energy and be good for all involved in Snowmass Village.

Sally Kauffman

Orlando, Florida