Letter: The thrill has gone

This election process has been played out like a Hollywood motion picture called “Politics.” It’s a club, and we are not in it. Bernie’s revolution has turned into Hillary’s revolution, who could become the female president of the U.S. of A. This certainly suggests we are moving step by step in the direction of equality for human rights. You now have a choice between Hillary and Trump, and good luck; may the best actor get the leading role. So the conclusion here is it is all back to business as usual. For sure there is nothing changing in Washington but the actors; it is business as usual. Bernie has joined the Hillary club obviously looking out for his best interest, a wise thing to do. I understand. After all, this politicking is played out and the winner takes all, they all will be back in Washington again taking pictures together, partying in the White House, drinking Champagne and eating caviar and we are not invited, unless you were a really big donor. Reminds me of one of my favorite French films, “Children of Paradise” (“Les Enfants du Paradis”), about being on the outside looking in, life seems to be about perspective. For me, a memorable film starring Jean-Louis Barrault that inspired my mime interest. Of course, all of this is my perspective, which inspires my opinion. I have always just showed up and voted for who I thought would be the best choice. Bernie was someone special, he got my attention and fired up my passion for change. They say change is the only thing you can count on but it may not be what you want. I was motivated to only come to this conclusion: I am done with politics. What a waste of precious time this has been. A perfect example of how the money puts the person it wants in the role. What a circus this has been. Sincerely, from a disappointed clown, I am.

Hinton Harrison