Letter: The loss of a special part of Aspen

This is a sad day for Aspen. Glenn Frey was a great musician and a wonderful man. I had known Glenn for over 40 years, and working with him and his wife, Cindy, on the board of the Grassroots Aspen Experience for many years, I learned how exceptional he really was.

Glenn was always proud of his Detroit homeboy background and the fact that his father worked in a factory. He always made the children in the program feel special and let them know that he appreciated them. The memory of a program that happened during the time that the Eagles were not touring makes me smile.

At our opening reception, we introduced a group of young boys who came from a group home in New York City and were interested in music to Glenn and Cindy and told the boys that Glenn was from the Eagles. One of the young boys looked him up and down and then said he did not look big enough to be a football player. Glenn got a big smile on his face and started laughing but did not miss a beat when he said that he could be a placekicker. He spent time that week working with the boys, and they performed for us at our closing ceremony. When the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over Tour performed at Red Rocks in Denver, he blocked the entire first two rows for the Grassroots kids and had a party for us before the performance with all of the kids from Denver who had been part of the Grassroots programs through the years.

I very rarely saw Glenn without a big smile on his face, and that is how I will always remember him. He also glowed when he talked about Cindy and his three special children. They were the light of his life, and my heart goes out to them.

Someone today said to me that we need to do an Irish wake in town for Glenn with everyone given a chance to tell their favorite Glenn stories and play their favorite songs. I love that idea. It would be a fitting tribute to a special man.

If heaven exists, there must be one heck of a musical party going on up there now with Glenn and David Bowie arriving so close together. Peace be with you, Glenn.

Marcia L. Goshorn